To search for something using a search engine, you need to type in what you're searching for. (Duh?) Here's the weird thing though: for most search engines, typing in a question is NOT the best way to find the information you're seeking! In most cases, you'll find the best information by using one or more keywords, which are the key words in your question. (Get it?)

A good rule of thumb to remember when working with search engines is every word matters. This means that the search engine will use every word you type in as it searches for information on the web.

So here's some advice to find the information you're looking for more easily:
  • Use just a couple important words in your question (the keywords)
  • Skip little words like "what," "the," or "a"
  • Put your search terms in quotation marks if you want to search for that exact phrase
  • Use a (-) to remove some search terms (like "mullet -hair" to search for the term "mullet" but not any pages related to the haircut)
  • Start with just one or two keywords and add more if you need to get more specific

It's important to remember that with thousands (or millions!) of results from a web search, some of the pages will be better sources of information than proceed with caution!

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