Welcome to the SCCS Internet Driver's License Project!

What is the Internet Driver's License?

  • The Internet Driver's License project helps SCCS students learn the "rules of the road" when it comes to the online world.
  • We want you to be SMART drivers! "SMART" stands for:
    • Safety - Keeping yourself safe while online, protecting your personal and private information
    • Manners - Learning to communicate well, helping others understand your message without being offensive
    • Advertising - Recognizing when someone is trying to "sell you something" online
    • Research - Skills and techniques for finding information online, being sure you give credit to other people's intellectual property
    • Technology - Understanding how the World Wide Web works (at least a little bit...)
  • Just like a real driver's license gives you the freedom to cruise the open road, earning your Internet Driver's License will give you more freedom to conduct research on your own while at school (while still being supervised by teachers, of course)
  • To earn an Internet Driver's License, you'll need to study, practice, and pass the test!

Key components of the Internet Drivers' License:
Technology | Safety | Manners | Advertising | Research