The Internet is a GREAT resource for both information and entertainment, but it has a dark side too. There some c-r-e-e-p-y people out there, and one of the main things we want to do with the Internet Drivers' License is teach you how to be safe while working and playing online.

In class, we watched a video entitled Think Before You Click that had 12 key rules to help keep you out of dangerous situations online. They make a LOT of sense! Here's a summary of the 12 rules from the video:
  1. Having a problem with a friend online? Work out the problem face-to-face.
  2. Assume that the messages you send can be read by ANYONE and EVERYONE.
  3. If you're ever bullied online, talk to an adult; and speak up against bullying when you see it.
  4. Keep your personal webpage/social networking profile private, and DON'T share your password.
  5. Don't give out your age, sex, or location (your "ASL") or any other personal information to someone you met online.
  6. Never post anything online that you wouldn't wan the whole world to see and have access to FOREVER.
  7. Never make a threat over the Internet, even as a joke.
  8. Print out any threats you receive or see online, and show them to a trusted adult.
  9. If someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortable, sign off! Block them. File a complaint with the site.
  10. NEVER meet anyone in the real world that you first met online.
  11. Avoid chatrooms, and NEVER go private with someone you met in a chatroom.
  12. Keep your webcam unplugged when you're not using it. Never use a webcam with someone you don't know.

Many of these rules are commonsense things, but remembering them and following them will definitiely help keep you safe online!

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