Pop-Up Ads are just what they sound like: advertisements that "pop-up" in a separate window when you click on a link in a website. Many users find them very annoying, because they are often unrelated to the content on a webpage. Thankfully, some newer browsers have automatic pop-up ad blockers, which can reduce the number of pop-up ads you might come across.

Some tricky webpage designers link pop-up windows together, so when you click to close one, another pops up in its place. If you have this happen, you might have to quit your browser entirely, or even shutdown your computer. It's not your fault if you have this happen, but get yourself out of the situation!

There is some doubt as to how effect this form of online advertisement actually is. You should know that pop-up ads are almost always a scam--they are used to try to get you to enter your personal information or to install viruses or other harmful software on your computer.

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